Breaker 101

An interactive web security course taught by security expert Cody Brocious.

What is it?

Breaker 101 is an online course that will take you from programmer to web security professional. Whether your goal is to become a security consultant or to just become a more security-conscious programmer, we've got you covered.

Each lesson is a narrated slide deck, accompanied by interactive coursework. Simply watch the video for a topic and then go put what you've learned into practice.

What will I learn?

There are more than twenty lessons in Breaker 101, covering the following:

  • Tools of the trade
  • Cross-site scripting
  • Cross-site request forgery
  • Fundamentals of the web and how they impact security
  • Directory traversal
  • Session fixation
  • Clickjacking
  • Cookie tampering
  • File inclusion
  • Crypto fundamentals and how to break common crypto
  • And much, much more

Content will be rolled out on a monthly basis and you will have the ability to vote on what you'll learn next.

"Breaker 101 prepared me perfectly for a job in web application security. Thanks to Cody's intro to one of the top firms in the country, I got a job in the field immediately." — John Labelle, Senior Security Consultant

Who is teaching the class?

Breaker 101 is run by Cody Brocious, a leading expert in security. Here are a few of his notable accomplishments:

  • He participated in the CCBill bug bounty program, discovering 31 of the 41 reported vulnerabilities.
  • He spoke at Black Hat 2012, disclosing a vulnerability in over 4 million hotel locks around the world.
  • In 2010 he hacked the Emotiv brain-computer interface, opening its functionality to developers.
  • He worked with the iPhone Dev Team to hack the original iPhone.

What if I get stuck?

Due to the intense nature of the class, we feel that a strong community is essential. As such, we have a Slack chat where students — and Cody himself — can discuss problems.

You will also have unlimited access to all of the course materials. If you find yourself struggling with some of the coursework, you can always go back to the videos and review the problem areas.

Enroll in Breaker 101 and get started instantly. Join now for just $150

Why is it so inexpensive?

The first few iterations of Breaker 101 were very time-intensive for Cody and had to be priced accordingly. But with the latest revisions, the goal has been to keep the same high-quality instruction while making it accessible to everyone.

Our goal is to give every programmer the breaker skillset. The new pricing gets us much closer to that goal.

Are job referrals still available?

Yes! Students that excel in the class may be referred to job opportunities in the security field. Of course, we understand that many are happy with their current employment, so this is strictly optional; we want you to put your knowledge to use in the way that works best for you.

Why should I sign up?

Breaker 101 gives you the tools you need to become a web security professional in a fun, easy to follow manner. Whether you've never heard of CBC mode or you're a web security wizard, you will learn how to put your knowledge to work.

Do I need any prerequisites?

You need to have a working knowledge of web technologies, understand server- versus client-side code, and be able to program simple applications in at least one language of your choice. You'll learn everything else you need to know.

So get started now!